Generic Cialis

If we talk about such medications as Cialis whose active substance is Tadalafil, so it is just as it has been already once with Viagra. Large pharmaceutical companies in India produce generics that are complete analogues of both medications. There are generic Viagra, generic Levitra and generic Cialis in the modern market. We will focus our attention on the latter.

Generic-cialis-pillsOnce permission was obtained for the production of generic Cialis, Indian pharmacists immediately started to re-synthesize Tadalafil and created a new formula of well-known Cialis as soon as possible. This was the beginning of the history of famous generic Cialis, a modern remedy against erectile dysfunction.

That means a simple thing – Indian pharmacologists have once again managed to prove that they are considered to be true professionals. It was promoted as the new generic medication – Generic Cialis. This drug has a characteristic beneficial effect on the body of men; the duration of the generic is 1.5 days. Moreover, alcoholic drinks or fatty foods are not an obstacle in the assimilation of the drug by the body. Makes who take generic Cialis can go on a picnic, in the restaurant or arrange the most romantic dinner at home, then make love to a woman without hesitation, doubts and fears of fiasco.

Generic Cialis is for those who are accustomed to take only the best from life, and for whom hot and passionate night with his girlfriend is an integral part of a normal being. Even if you have certain problems with potency, they can be solved quickly and effectively with the help of Tadalafil. Generic Cialis is able to fix any disorders of this kind, leaving only high-quality and long-lasting erections, which in use of the drug are guaranteed for 36 hours.


The remedy is produced in the form of tablets, covered with cream coating. The taste is slightly bitter. Use it is as recommended for about half an hour before the expected intimacy. The effect of generic Cialis lasts for about 36 hours. What is important – there are instructions in various languages. The producers understand the intimacy of the problem called erectile dysfunction. Therefore, generic Cialis is sent without typical packaging and identification markings on the contents of the parcel. Nobody can guess what is inside the parcel.

Erectile Dysfunction is no Longer your Problem

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that in some extent is experienced by many men. This is not to say that erectile dysfunction is a disease of age as even young and active males face similar difficulties with erection. It is needless to say how it affects the self-esteem and self-confidence, isn’t it?

Causes of erectile dysfunction can be both of psychological and physiological nature. In the second case they can be fairly easily overcome with the help of drugs like generic Cialis.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction and potency incensement is often associated with the drug Viagra. However, generic Cialis – is a new modern means of struggle with erectile dysfunction, which has an excellent effect and at the same time avoids the disadvantages of its precursors.

One of the main benefits of generic Cialis as it has been mentioned above is the duration of the action. Unlike similar medications, this drug works more than 36 hours. Naturally, this does not mean endless erections. It only means that Tadalafil remains in your body for this time and gives you an ability to have sex several times.

Why is generic Cialis sold at affordable prices? The fact that its manufacturers do not spend money on research and investing in the promotion of their drugs makes generic cheaper than the original brand. Indian companies just use ready formula with the same composition. So, if you have faced erectile dysfunction, don’t feel despaired. Generic Cialis is the right way to fill this gap.